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Our advantage
  • Full Range Full Range

    Phase cut LED dimmer, 1-10V LED dimmer, RF LED dimmer and bluetooth/WiFi LED dimmer for Europe, Australia and North America etc.  Leading edge RL, trailing edge RC and universal RCL.  Dimmer control: Europe:rotary push dimmer, push-button dimmer and double dimmer.  Australia: Rotary dimmer and push-button dimmer. North America: slide dimmer with rocker switch. 

  • Product Certificate Product Certificate

    CE, CB certificate by TUV,  SAA certificate by Waltek, ETL certicate by Intertek

  • R&D capability R&D capability

    We own many patents for the latest technology. Our chief engineer is in the dimmer industry for more than 15 years. Leading the development of LED dimmer switch.  8 major engineers in the R&D to provide innovative and improved products continously.  Very efficient R&D team to work on 5-7 new items per quarter. 

  • Production capacity Production capacity

    Having 300 workers and over 20,000㎡ of the facility with ISO and BSCI approval. Our production capacity is more than 100,000pcs each month.  The production machine is as below: SMT machines: 7 lines Wave soldering machines: 3 lines. Plastic injection machines: 7 Assembly production lines: 5 Aging equipment: 5 Packaging production lines: 3

Main product

High quality LED dimmer switch with best compatibility. 

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Equipment display

Compatibility Testing Dimmers compatibility with LED lamp is the most important. Because the LED light is the electronic capacitive load, it is different from the resistive load like incandescent and halogen.  Dimmers compatibility was tested with different LED bulbs like A60, GU10/spotlights, LED filaments, and LED downlights from various brands like Philips and GE, etc. The testing is to assure the best compatibility for different IC driver solutions like switch-mode IC and linear IC.  * Very smooth dimming range, from 10% to 100%. * No dead zone.  * Not flicker.  * No audible noise. * Low minimum brightness level, low to 1W.  Switch Lifetime Testing 1.Switch lifetime testing without loading.  2.Switch lifetime testing with LED bulbs. 3.Switch lifetime testing under full load of LEDs. Temperature Testing Test the maximum temperature when the dimmer is in a sealed box with full loading.  Durability with inrush current under full load The inrush current refers to the input current flow to the driver electronics due to the charging of capacitors. This current flow during the initial start-up process is of short duration but can be quite high in magnitude depending on system and component specification. We test the dimmer durability with the inrush current under full load.

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Application Display

Dimmer is designed to help control the brightness of lights. The light level can be adjusted from nearly dark to fully lit by simply turning a knob or sliding by a dimmer switch. Having a softer light for a comforting, relaxing atmosphere, and brighter lighting for regular room use and reading. You can use the dimmers for your kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and master bedrooms. Not only a dimmer switch, some dimmer is an option as a night light. As an expert in dimmer technology, we provide full solutions for worldwide. Let’s check the different installations in different countries. 

  • Dimmer installation in Europe

    Dimmer installation in Europe
  • Dimmer installation in North America

    Dimmer installation in North America
  • Dimmer installation in Australia

    Dimmer installation in Australia
About Us
Xiamen Huzzda Lighting Co.,Ltd.

We manufacture high quality LED Dimmer Switch with best compatibility for various dimmable LED lamps. Do you have problem with your dimmer to dim the LED lights? LED lights are the capacitive load rather than the resistive load like incandescent, halogen or inductive load like CFL. It's time to replace your dimmer with our advanced trailing edge dimmer for better performance. Huzzda Lighting, being involved in Lighting Industry for 20 years, set up a full series of LED Dimmer having below features: 1. Best compatibility, work with more than 95% of dimmable LED lamps and 100% of halogen and incandescent bulbs.  2. Soft start technology. 3. Overheating protection, automatic overload protection, and short-circuit protection. 4. Without neutral wiring, two wires except WiFi dimmer. 5. Dimmer Type: trailing edge and universal (leading edge or trailing edge changed automatically) and 1-10V.  6. Full range: rotary push dimmer, push-button dimmer, and double dimmer.  7. Category: traditional, latest digital dimmer, WiFi/Bluetooth dimmer and RF push dimmer.  8. 2-way or multi-way for option. 9. CE, SAA, ETL approval. Our factory has 300 workers. Also, the facility is 20,000㎡ with ISO and BSCI audit. R&D is our strength. Working with us, we are your ideal partner to make money and will help you advance with the latest LED dimmer. Please email us to sales1@huzzda.com or call us at 0086-592-5781522 now. 

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Latest dimmers with advanced technology, stay tunned.

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  • 5 steps to choose the dimmer switch

    5 Steps to choose the right LED lamps and dimmers for smooth dimming process. 1. Dimmable LED lights Check if the LED lamp is dimmable. Dimmable bulbs work fine on a non-dimmable circuit; however, non...

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    HK Lighting Fair: (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center) Company: Xiamen Huzzda Lighting Co., Ltd Date: Oct. 27th-30th, 2019 Booth No.: 5C-A19

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