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  • led double dimmer switch

    Double Dimmer LED 2X100W Duo dimmer for LED lights, 2x100W LED, for dimming multiple lighting groups, equipped with latest technology. More

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    Multi-way Push LED Dimmer 400W LED dimmer Universal 400VA with auto detection for leading edge or trailing edge. Multi-way control: one switch for several LED dimmers or several switches control one LED dimmer.  More

  • Universal LED dimmer

    LED Dimmer Module Universal 200W LED dimmer module 200W. Work with push button switch. Power up to 200W. Leading edge and trailing edge adjustable manually.  More

5 steps to choose the dimmer switch

  • 2019-07-31
5 Steps to choose the right LED lamps and dimmers for smooth dimming process.
1. Dimmable LED lights
Check if the LED lamp is dimmable. Dimmable bulbs work fine on a non-dimmable circuit; however, non-dimmable lamps will not work on a dimmable circuit. The information is in the product specifications or on product packaging.
2. Type of Dimmer Switch
The type of dimmer switch and its minimum-maximum load range will indicate the compatibility with LED lamps. There are two main types of dimmers: trailing edge dimmers (work best with LEDs) and leading-edge dimmers(designed to work better with traditional lights).
3. Min-max Load of the Dimmer Switch
The total LED wattage must be within the calculated min-max load of the dimmer switch. Each dimmer can control maximum numbers of watts(all lamps combined, max. 15 lights). On the dimmer switch, you can read the min-max watt capacity. For example, it may say 150W LED and 400W Incandescent. A dimmer like this can handle (15) 10 Watt LED lamps and just (6) 60 Watt Incandescent bulbs.
4. Dimmer Control Style
We have covered the most popular dimmer control style for different countries.
Europe, UK, Australia
Rotary Dimmer Switch
A rotary dimmer is the one when you push the switch to turn it on and off.  So then you use the knob to brighten or dim the lamps.
Push Button Dimmer
A touch dimmer switch is one where you push the switch to turn it on and off and hold it to dim or brighten the lamps.
Slide Dimmer
Slide dimmer switches are ubiquitous and useful. Just leave the slide in the dimmed position and then use the switch to flip it on the off at that position.
5. Smart Dimmer
Smart technology is in our lives. We have smart lights, thermostats, alarm systems, cameras, and more. Now you can control your lights with intelligent technology, and smart dimmer switches are available too.
Everyone from Android, iOS, Alexa, and Google is getting into this now. They work via WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and technology is changing rapidly. You do not need to buy unique lamps for the smart dimmer.  All you are doing is replacing the light switch with a smart dimmer that can be controlled by someone who does not want to get up off of the couch or from a remote location.

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