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Patented and advanced trailing edge dimmers,no neutral required

  • 2019-07-31

Trailing-Edge or Reverse Phase dimmers are for compatibility with the electronic capacitive loads created by the electric transformer.

Trailing-Edge led dimmers were not available in the market as long as Leading Edge Dimmers, but this dimmer is regarded as the better type to operate LED lighting loads.

Our patented and advanced trailing edge dimmers perform

1. Best compatibility with most of the LED lights.

2. Two wires, no neutral required. Easy for installation.

3. Multi-way control. Allow max. 50pcs of dimmers in parallel.

4. Flicker-free.

5. LED lights to switch back under a low level.

6. No dead zone.Very smooth full-range dimming.

Dead zone means no visible change during dimming.

7. No Audible Noise.

8. No waveform spikes.

The waveform spikes occur in a dimming circuit due to the capacitive characteristics of LED electronics. The waveform spikes can far exceed the load that would have been created by a halogen load in the same circuit. This situation will contribute in most cases to premature component failure (either LED lamp, transformer or dimmer) and may, in very isolated cases result in potentially unsafe failure situations.

9. No dropout.

Drop out means the lights will turn off before the dimmer slider reaches the bottom.

10. No Ghosting

Ghosting means LED lighting fixture continues to glow in the off position.

Trailing edge dimmer is not for wire-wound transformers (Iron-core,  their size and weight is large) and other inductive loads like motors and pumps.


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