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Compatibility Testing
Dimmers compatibility with LED lamp is the most important. Because the LED light is the electronic capacitive load, it is different from the resistive load like incandescent and halogen. 
Dimmers compatibility was tested with different LED bulbs like A60, GU10/spotlights, LED filaments, and LED downlights from various brands like Philips and GE, etc. The testing is to assure the best compatibility for different IC driver solutions like switch-mode IC and linear IC. 
* Very smooth dimming range, from 10% to 100%.
* No dead zone. 
* Not flicker. 
* No audible noise.
* Low minimum brightness level, low to 1W. 

Switch Lifetime Testing
1.Switch lifetime testing without loading. 

2.Switch lifetime testing with LED bulbs.

3.Switch lifetime testing under full load of LEDs.

Temperature Testing
Test the maximum temperature when the dimmer is in a sealed box with full loading. 

Durability with inrush current under full load
The inrush current refers to the input current flow to the driver electronics due to the charging of capacitors. This current flow during the initial start-up process is of short duration but can be quite high in magnitude depending on system and component specification. We test the dimmer durability with the inrush current under full load.


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