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  • led double dimmer switch

    Double Dimmer LED 2X100W Duo dimmer for LED lights, 2x100W LED, for dimming multiple lighting groups, equipped with latest technology. More

  • Multi-way LED dimmer

    Multi-way Push LED Dimmer 400W LED dimmer Universal 400VA with auto detection for leading edge or trailing edge. Multi-way control: one switch for several LED dimmers or several switches control one LED dimmer.  More

  • Universal LED dimmer

    LED Dimmer Module Universal 200W LED dimmer module 200W. Work with push button switch. Power up to 200W. Leading edge and trailing edge adjustable manually.  More

Durability with inrush current under full load

  • 2019-09-03

Durability with inrush current under full load

The inrush current refers to the input current flow to the driver electronics due to the charging of capacitors. This current flow during the initial start-up process is of short duration but can be quite high in magnitude depending on system and component specification. We test the dimmer durability with the inrush current under full load.

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