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  • led double dimmer switch

    Double Dimmer LED 2X100W Duo dimmer for LED lights, 2x100W LED, for dimming multiple lighting groups, equipped with latest technology. More

  • Multi-way LED dimmer

    Multi-way Push LED Dimmer 400W LED dimmer Universal 400VA with auto detection for leading edge or trailing edge. Multi-way control: one switch for several LED dimmers or several switches control one LED dimmer.  More

  • Universal LED dimmer

    LED Dimmer Module Universal 200W LED dimmer module 200W. Work with push button switch. Power up to 200W. Leading edge and trailing edge adjustable manually.  More

Push Button LED Dimmer Switch

Push button dimmer switch, Universal dimmer, minimum brightness adjustable, best compatibility with LED down lights

  • Products description
Push Button Dimmer Switch Features:

1. Best compatibility, compatible with more than 95% of LED down lights and 100% of incandescent & halogen. 

2. Soft start technology.
3. Overheating protection, automatic overload protection and short-circuit protection.
4. Without neutral wiring, 2 wires
5. SAA approval.
6. Dimmer type: Universal

7. 1-way or Multi-way

Technical Data:

Wiring Diagram:

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Leave a message

Leave a message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.